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Exercise physiology and exercise programming is based on clinical and personal goals. One on one exercise sessions provide a goal oriented functional approach to enable those living with a neurological condition to reach their health, fitness and rehabilitation goals. Our aim is to assist clients in achieving an optimal level of health and independence.



FES cycling sessions combine the use of electrical stimulation on specified muscles to assist in initiating and strengthening the cycling pattern in the upper or lower body.

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Hydrotherapy incorporates various exercise modalities while in the water. Hydrotherapy pools are useful in neurological rehabilitation as it relieves the pressures of gravity on the body, achieving a “weightless” environment to perform movement tasks. The hydrostatic effect of being in a body of water also enhances circulation.



Our massage therapist specializes in deep tissue massage, dry needling and myofascial cupping. Massage Therapy can be beneficial in relieving sore and tired muscles and when coupled with dry needling can assist in reducing the effect of hypertonic and spasmodic musculature.

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Small group training sessions focus on enhancing cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. No two sessions are the same and are designed to be varied, fast-paced and interactive.

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 Physiotherapists diagnose, treat, prevent and manage musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Physiotherapy involves a range of hands on techniques which focus upon acute injury treatment, relief of chronic pain and management of respiratory conditions.  Our Physiotherapy team combine both manual therapies with exercise to provide a holistic and best practice treatment.




At Making Strides we work closely alongside a wonderful team of allied health professionals to form a well-rounded multidisciplinary team. Making Strides is supported by a multidisciplinary team, providing person centered care and a range of assistive, health and wellness all in one familiar space. Exercise is an imperative tool in avoiding some of the secondary complications associated with living with a neurological condition, to ensure we are able to offer our clients the best possible opportunity at overall health and independence we offer a range of support services right on sight, including:

- Holistic Nursing Solutions

- Amplify Accessible Travel Specialists


Osteopathy is a form of manual muscle therapy used to manipulate soft tissue, skeletal and nervous systems to ensure optimal alignment and function.  Osteopathy is a non-invasive way of detecting, treating and preventing health concerns or ailments. 

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NeuroMuscular Orthotics (NMO) is a specialist orthotics provider offering custom-made bracing options for simple and complex presentations.

The Melbourne based team don’t just fit braces; they prescribe, manufacture and offer training for their products as well. NMO primarily specialise in complex lower-limb management however as technology has advanced significantly we have broadened our scope to offer myoelectric and functional electrical stimulation (FES) upper-limb bracing alternatives, as well as mainstream upper limb options. The experienced NMO team are primarily based in Clayton, Victoria but also have outreach clinics in north Melbourne, Sydney and their permanent base here at Making Strides.

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