Meet Genny,Colorado born but a Californian girl at heart, Genny grew up in Ventura, CA before relocating to San Diego to attend college. After receiving her Bachelor of Kinesiology from San Diego State University in 2007, Genny took a long gap year before receiving her Master of Science in Human Movement in Arizona during 2013.Genny has worked in various health sectors before being employed as a Team Leader andSpecialist at Project Walk Headquarters in San Diego. It was there that Genny recognised a need for a high-quality spinal cord injury specialist rehabilitation centre in Australia to alleviate the financial burden many of her clients were experiencing due to the necessity of overseas travel for this level of treatment. In 2013, Genny relocated to Australia to start Making Strides to help ensure that all Australians could have access to emerging rehabilitation methods without having to leave the country.She works amongst the most talented in the industry and has been a leader and a student taking in all the knowledge from her fellow Strides’ Tribe. Genny is about to take on her next chapter in life, becoming a mother of two.

- She unsuccessfully tried out for four sports in high school -       including cheerleading
- Genny is terrified of spiders and struggles with catching balls   and general spatial awareness
- Genny Caught (and survived) the Zika virus in Puerto Rico         while caving amongst the bats




Meet Jim, our resident country boy from Dubbo, commonly known as Gods Country. He relocated to Sydney to finish school at Joeys and then completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science). Jim has 9 years’ experience working in sports, It is thisstrong background in Strength & Conditioning coaching that has allowed him to work with many professional and development level teams and athletes including; Southport Sharks, Brisbane Broncos, Brisbane Lions, AFL Queensland, Gold Coast Sunsand the Australian and Serbian Winter Olympics Bobsleigh teams.In 2013 Jim made the switch from sport to start Making Strides. While Jim is grateful for the opportunities he was given in sport, he is now more than ever, passionate about working with neurological disorders and improving peoples quality of life.Jim still has an active role in taking sessions with clients but is also the Making Strides equipment specialist. He is the training and service provider for ReWalk and also enjoys building and modifying rehabilitation equipment for specific clients needs. Jim is currently back at university completing his MBA through Griffith University.


- Jim is made of chalk and has had over 15 fractures and 12       surgeries since Making Strides started

- He is also an amazing dancer and was an extra on the movie     Strictly Ballroom

- Jim loves motorcycles. He regularly competes in state and         national enduro events and has completed the Finke desert       race




Ballina born (2478 represent). Growing up Jack proclaims he literally tried everything -what this taught Jack was that in a family full of very successful athletes he had been left with the little remaining settling for being ok at everything but not good at anything... After graduating year 12 and an extended gap year Jack began floor tiling before realising, he wasn’t cut out for a life of manual labour, leading him to study a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science and a Master's of Clinical Exercise Physiology. After graduation, Jack completed 9 months of Exercise Physiology work in a Ballina private practice. During this time Jack watched an interview with a former athlete who was undergoing rehabilitation after sustaining a spinal cord injury. Jack was set on his belief in the huge potential benefit that Exercise Physiology could have for individuals living with spinal cord injuries. Shortly after jack received a call from his dad saying that he had seen a job advertised at a spinal rehabilitation centre on the Gold Coast and that Jack should apply. Jack has now been wearing a purple shirt for 5 years, and while he is showing early signs of his youth being left behind, he isn't slowing down and his passion for providing Exercise Physiology to neurological populations certainly hasn't wavered. Jack loves both the small and big movements enjoying helping people get up and moving after a spinal cord injury to the small triumphs such as independent transfers.


- He has had a hole in one at golf

- He has caféphobia (phobia of coffee or warm liquids) 

- He is the funniest Australian Genny knows




Jess left her hometown of Toowoomba to attend Griffith University on the Gold Coast in 2010. Completing a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Graduate Diploma of Exercise Science, she first attended Making Strides as a practicum student in 2015. After continuing to volunteer at the commencement of her placement, Jess was able to achieve her New Year’s Resolution, by graduating with the guarantee of a position at Making Strides. Developing simplistic exercises from complex movement patterns, and the challenge and diversity of neuro is what Jess loves most about her job. Jess has appreciated watching Making Strides grow from a tiny DIY gym with only a handful of regular clients, to now servicing our ever-expanding domestic & international purple family, as our Practice Manager.Jess enjoys keeping busy playing touch football, following her boxer puppy with a camera, camping, participating in Wine Wednesday, travelling and tinkering with home renovations.

- She is an avid Broncos supporter
- Jess is the eldest and only girl of five children in the Carmody   family
- Has a beautiful son Harvey with her husband Jake. 

- She has a special talent for falling asleep anywhere, anytime
- Also she loves potato in all forms





Meet Meg, our Tassie Devil – born in Launceston Tasmania, spending her childhood days participating in numerous sports and playing at her family shack on the north coast of Tasmania. Meg completed school and had a gap year before making the move to the Gold Coast in 2013 to study at Griffith University, here she completed her bachelor of Exercise Science and Graduate Diploma in Exercise Physiology. Megs working life has seen her as a professional smoothie and coffee maker a lifeguard, a learn-to-swim teacher, Pilates instructor and personal trainer. Her experience in delivering exercise in many forms left her wanting to know more and fuelled her passion to apply this knowledge to neurological populations, this desire to learn and progress lead her to request a neurological placement during her studies –landing her at Making Strides for 5 weeks in may 2016, from here on she pretty much has never left. Developing her knowledge of Neurological conditions and learning the fundamentals of functional movement is what Meg loves most about her job, she also loves the challenge of writing, creating and developing her skills for managing all our social media platforms.Outside of work Meg loves to cook, a good DIY project and renovating; her hobbies include camping, exercising, snowboarding and basically anything outdoors.


- She has a phobia of clowns

- Her favourite treats are mint slice biscuits and Maltesers

- Meg has ticked the Amalfi coast of her bucket list – next up is   an African Safari




Meet Sarah (Swifty), Brisbane born Sarahattended Queensland University of Technology completing a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology graduating in 2012. Staying in Bris-Vegas she started working at Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association within the Neuromoves program. She progressed to team leader and became a Clinical Teacher at Griffith University supervising final year practicum students. In 2018 Making Strides provided a new opportunity to further challenge Sarah’s clinical skills and she joined the purple family on the Gold Coast.Training for local triathlons keeps Sarah occupied outside work, her motto is -why do just 1 sport when you can do 3! If not training relaxed rides along the esplanade or time spent at the beach is a common occurrence for this blonde beach babe.Sarah’s next big goal is to travel to Alaska and see the northern lights.


- She has trained with the circus for 1 year

- She has completed 5 Olympic distance triathlons

- She has travelled through Albania which has some amazing       beaches!




Meet Kaisha, a 1993 baby born in Lismore NSW, growing up in the small northern NSW town of Maclean. Kaisha spent her childhood as part of Church Street Skate gang, playing 40-20 in the streets along with every sport possible.In her early years Kaisha attended Maclean Public and Maclean High School – spending most of her days avoiding wearing girly uniforms, always preferring her school sports gear. She was a constant representative of the school sports teams, predominately forsoccer, rowing and swimming. After high school Kaisha went on to study in Armidale for 4 years, completing a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at UNE in 2014 then returning home to work as an Exercise Scientist for 1.5 years in an allied health clinic. Kaisha packed up once more, moving to Brisbane. It is here Kaisha completed her Masters of clinical exercise physiology at UQ. During her Masters degree Kaisha found herself on a 4-week placement with Making Strides in 2017, from here she never looked back. Beginning officially with Strides in 2018, not only did Kaisha land her dream job, she also found her dream team. When not at work with her dream team, you will find her at the beach, surfing and catching up with friends – but is just as happy in her own training session.


- Maltesers and Delta Creams are the way to win her heart

- Loves a cuppa tea

- She has more slang words in her vocabulary than English and     can recite many Harry Potter quotes on command




Meet Heleena, our only staff member born and bred on the Gold Coast. She grew up and attended school just down the road from Strides spending most arvos and weekends on the beaches of Currumbin. Staying local for university at Griffith, here she first completed her double degree of Exercise Science and Business before going on to complete her post graduate degree of Exercise Physiology. Heleena transitioned to Strides after working in the industry for 1.5 years in another clinic, therefore bringing a diverse range of ideas to the purple family. Heleena is not only an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, but she also has further developed her profession skills to include Pilates, massage therapy, myofascial cupping and dry needling. Heleena loves looking at the body’s functional movement patterning along with the spinal curvatures and muscular imbalances to get the whole bodies system working better together. On the weekends, Heleena loves anything outdoors, but won’t say no to a good binge worthy TV series. Her diverse range of hobbies and interests will leave you in a head spin, there is so many. She spends most of her time with her fiancé and two fur babies. Heleena loves a good joke and always down for a dance, but it has been proven she isn’t good at pronouncing words, so please never ask her to say Archive.


- She has travelled to 13 countries

- She hates having her feet touched 

- Can sleep on any form of transport

Making Strides Portraits-21.jpg



Meet Ben, our benny boy was born in Canberra, growing up in Sydney and more recently Brisbane. Ben finished off his schooling days at Anglican Church Grammar school before beginning his Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology. Ben loves sports, mainly footing and had been playing rugby union competitively while at school until a knee injury in 2018, since recovering from this injury ben has taken up running and is learning to surf. Ben brings the commitment of a true sportsman to everything he does; this was evident during his clinical placement with Making Strides. While completing this placement Ben was sure he had followed the correct educational pathway and hoped to never leave the purple walls –it wasn’t long until Ben wore the Purple shirt for the first time, just in time for his birthday!


- He has travelled to 8 countries over 3 continents

- Plans to run a marathon by the end of 2020 

- Is guilty of loving a good dad joke




Timothy was born and raised in a small suburb of the big smoke Sydney, he attended Australian Catholic University to complete an undergraduate degree before reloacating to the Gold coast in 2019 to complete his Masters through University of Queensland, which is where in 2020 he found himself on clinical placement at Making Strides. Since his very first day he knew he wanted to be in a purple shirt, one of the many reasons he wanted to be a part of this team was to be a part of a place that encourages such positivity and growth while continually learning and growing as a practitioner himself. When not working you will find Tim in a café drinking coffee or in the gym training himself, but don’t let that fool you he will just as happily say yes to a TV series, movie or Playstation game.


- Tim always enjoyed art, despite being colour blind 

- Loves travelling

- Will happily chat your ear off about Marvel and Star Wars




Georgia grew up in Goondiwindi with her younger sister, Mum and Dad, 7 horses and a dog. The family later moved to Toowoomba so the girls could attend high school at Fairholme College. Georgia  was intrigued to study EP at Griffith on the Gold Coast because she has always loved science and how the human body naturally reacts to movement. She could of become a personal trainer or an elite athlete strength and conditioning coach but she found helping people came as a sixth sense, with new research and resources now available this passion is only growing. Some favourite hobbies of Georgia’s include beach walks with a coffee, lifting heavy weights in the gym, horse riding and outdoor activities with friends and family. She believes strongly that donuts are hands down the best food invented.


- When she was 15 she had to choose between cricket and         equestrian. She chose cricket thinking she had a better chance   at making the Australian Cricket Team than making the 

  Olympics for equestrian. This took her to training and playing   overseas multiple times

- She love spending her holidays mustering cattle at the family   farm

- She can sleep anywhere at any time




Maddy was born in South Africa, but grew up in Indonesia with her parents and older brother, she attended an international school before making the move to Brisbane in 2010 for different opportunities. Maddy chose to study Exercise Physiology after finding her passion while completing part of a biomedical science degree, and so the path to learning about exercises impact on health and rehabilitation began. The ever-changing evidence on exercise excites Maddy and only pushes her further in her forever evolving career path. When not on the Strides floor you will find Maddy at the beach with a good book, eating peanut butter, exploring nature or working on her goal of learning to surf. Maddy’s Childhood memories are a mix of driving through Game Parks to visit her grandparents in South Africa and waking up on their farm to feed the lambs and collect fresh eggs. 


- Maddy was nearly kidnapped by an orangutang when               a toddler   living in Kalimantan

- She has lived in 4 different countries

- Although an Aussie now, she is a born and bred Springbok's     supporter




Meet Astrid, our Mumma Astrid is a true child of the 70s, originally from Rocky and thus one of the few authentic Queenslanders to be found here. Astrid joined her Strides forever family in late 2018 as a means of escape from her much loved but overly demanding real family consisting of four beautiful boys a cat and a new puppy!!Astrid spent many years as a corporate slave at some of the largest merchant banks in Sydney, London and a three-year cultural sojourn in Tokyo.Seeking the ultimate lifestyle choice for her active three young boys, she made the move from Sydney to the Gold Coast with her husband eight years ago.Any spare time is consumed at Palm Beach Surf lifesaving Club, feeding the family healthy meals and enjoying a fresh, chilled rosè or two.... When Astrid joined us we realised she was the missing piece to our purple family Puzzle, the Mumma that we all need to keep us in line and tell us when to turn the music down a notch of two.


- She once abseiled 150m down the south pylon of the Sydney    Harbour Bridge to raise money for the RNSH spinal unit

- She has previously studied nutrition 

- She is part of a secret book club (but you didn’t read that         here)



Georgia was born in the UK before jetting across the globe to grow up on the Sunshine Coast. Georgia’s parents met on a Contiki tour (Dad the guide, Mum the holidayee) so it is easy to see why Georgia loves to travel, she first learnt to snow ski when she was the ripe young age of 6 and has completed 5-winter seasons in Switzerland as a ski instructor  
When Georgia finished school, she promptly booked a one way ticket to Europe and spent the next three years working, vintage shopping and getting lost in London between her backpacking trips around Europe, two mention worthy stops were working in Portugal on a yoga retreat, and all that skiing in the winter months. 
After 3 years knocking about overseas, home she came, to start her degree. During her degree Georgia learned a lot working with athletes but finds working within the neurological population challenges her to be constantly creative and problem solve to another level. The diversity and the capacity Strides have to help people improve their quality of life is what she loves the most about her job. 

- Can order coffee in 6 languages
- Prides herself on always picking the good avocados
- Has completed the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, and a Yak burger may just be the best thing she has ever eaten.  

Making Strides Head Shots-5.JPG


The Young and Bubbly Ebonie was born and raised on the Gold Coast, growing up she found her passions and joy came from being active and involved in sports always with those few close to her around. Ebs has always been interested in the health and fitness industry and enjoys motivating people to reach their goals and become the best versions of themselves. After working as a personal trainer and then in a physio clinic she became more and more enthused to complete her Exercise Physiology degree (with honours) at the University of Queensland. 
She has joined the Strides Fam as an assistance before graduating at the end of 2021 and there is no hiding how much she loves it. Mainly because there is never a dull moment, both clients and crew always bringing a smile to her face.

- Ebonie learnt to ride a unicycle at the age of 5 years old

- Self confessed as very gullible (claims to be getting better at this) 
- has visited 8 countries and plans on seeing many more. 



Renae grew up on the sunny Gold Coast and here completed a Business degree. Upon completion she threw on a backpack and travelled through parts of Europe, Middle East, Africa , Asia before returning home to travel around Australia.  After years of adventure seeking Renae came back home to settle down with her Yorkshireman hubby and go on to have 3 daughters. Renae is a qualified accountant however over the last year has had a burning desire to get involved in the Allied Health Industry and through her friend Astrid found her way to Strides. Renae loves being involved and being a part of the work that Making Strides does helping people achieve their goals. 

- Renae cannot sleep in, no matter how late of a night, she is up with the birds. 

- She feels the absolute best in nature

- loves life when attending music festivals and concerts



James grew up in a small town, Kilcoy. It was here he grew up loving sport (Rugby league and MMA and anything that involves motor bikes! Before finding his passion for orthotics and prosthetics he began an engineering degree, he was lucky enough to stumble across his passion in the process. While finding his feet in the industry and gaining experience across Australia he walked into Making Strides, and never seemed to leave! He loves being a part of the strides team, because he believes strongly that exercise compliments orthotics so well.

- His nickname growing up was Baldy, thanks dad for always       going a No, 3 all over 
- His real name is Django
- No, I don't like chains