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Welcome back!! After a beautiful two week break every one was ready to 'don their purple shirts and be back in doing what we do best... that was until COVID hit our golden beaches and locked a few of us in iso. After a rocky start to the first week (or two) of the year I can officially report things are getting back on track and we are gaining the traction we had hoped for when starting a new year. In much brighter news QLD borders are officially open to interstate and even international, we hope these changes allow us to welcome those far away from us back to our facility.


The past 2 years have seen us forgo our beloved water ski day's due to insurances, weather, border closures and of course.. COVID. But we have a plan and we are hoping and working really hard to bring you a Ski day early this year. Mark the 26th of March in your calendar and see more details for the event here.


A quick reminder that our '22 Fee Schedule is now in place. Also a reminder to all those yet to confirm their reoccurring schedule for the year, we are working hard to ensure everyone has their desired training times and are able to maintain these for the year. If you are yet to confirm this, please do so ASAP via info@makingstrides.com.au


A quick note in advance, Making Strides will be closing for the following public holidays throughout the year.

  • Australia Day - 26th January

  • Easter Weekend - 15th - 18th April

  • ANZAC Day - 25th April

  • Labour Day - 2nd May

  • Queens Birthday - 3rd October


Our first 10-week challenge will be beginning in April and sign ups will be open mid March so keep your eyes peeled. Each challenge involves group fitness sessions, home program personalised to your goals, check-ins, challenge t-shirts, prizes, home workout video's and not to mention the great results that go hand in hand. The 10-week challenge is a great way to get social and fit at the same time!

If you want to put your name down, or more information, please email ben@makingstrides.com.au


This month is for learning! Tips and tricks for how to get great nutrition in after a Strides workout! Snack for those times where you wants to grab take-away, these options are much more nutritious and great value for money! Click the pictures on the right to see more or download Fuzzy's Tips via the link below.

Fuzzy's fast and feel good food ideas-3
Download PDF • 5.63MB


Everyone loves a black tie event, and there is no one better to party with than Mr. Perry Cross, and in our eyes, there is also no better cause. The Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation Gala is back this year! It will be held at the Star Casino on the 12th March, last year the event sold out in record time so if you are interested in attending - grab your tickets now. HOT TIP

Let them know your with us to ensure you are seated near the Stride Table!


A fresh 2022 blackboard is here for the first part of this year. It will represent goals up until May comes around! We invite all clients to come up with a goal, and use this board to stay accountable.

Example of potential goal:

- Attend all strides sessions for the next 5 months. (paired with a tally for each session you attend)

- Complete 2km on the ski erg in 15 minutes (we can write up each attempt, and see it come down!)

Also keep you eye on the COUNTDOWN. This represents how much time you have left! We hope this helps create and inspire some new routines and consistency to your 2022!


Everyone loves a good podcast, and what better topic than life events, SCI and

The Unaffected Podcast - hosted by our multi-talented Jack and the smooth talking Nick

My C5 Life - Hosted by the passionate and experienced Lindsay Nott


If you didn't see in our newsletter last year the info about our good friends in the travel industry, you should do yourself a favour and head back and read it. IScream Travel can help you not only get to Making Strides but also take a fully organised trip away from your Gold Coast home base.


Researchers at Griffith University are requesting help from the SCI community. There are currently 2 studies you can be a part of - Study 1: An anonymous online survey for people with spinal cord injury-related pain - Follow Link

Study 2: A single in-person 1-2 hrs session to study left/right recognition and motor imagery. Email: SCIPR@griffith.edu.au to get involved.

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