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We would like to take this chance to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a safe, happy holiday period. Every year, just when you think it can't be topped... it happens, new memories are formed which quickly join the other fabulous memories and milestone we hold so fondly.

Thank you Strides Fam.

We can't leave you without a little something sweet...but you must chose your side for something to eat.

This Christmas will you be NAUGHTY or NICE?!

Download the PDF print version of Fuzzy's Christmas creations here:

Fuzzy's fast and feel good food ideas-2
Download PDF • 4.04MB


Some of the photos from our Christmas Catch up 2021.Thank you all for a great day in the sunshine! (click through to find your favourites)

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year,

As we reflect on 2021 we cannot help but feel overwhelmed with gratitude and happiness, with the world being in what, at times can feel like a never ending turmoil, it has been so nice to be able to keep our happy haven at Strides so full of smiling faces. Although we know we are not yet out of this COVID maze yet, we do know that this Christmas will bring a lot of cheer and the New Year will bring more and more good times.

...Speaking of 2022, if you require your reoccurring schedule to be changed for the new year, or you are taking an extended break please let us know to make these changes ASAP. If no changes need to be made then sit back, enjoy the holidays and we will see you back from the 4th of January onwards.

We will leave you with this video, our epic 8th Birthday Party. See you all next year!

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