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Feb went Fast!

When I stop and think about February I cannot really think of a whole lot out of the ordinary happening, all I think is 'how many days does this month even have?!' then I continue to recite the one poem I remember from primary school.

Thirty days has September, April, June and November.

All the rest have thirty-one, Except for February, And that has

twenty-eight days with twenty-nine in each leap year.

Please tell me I am not the only one... and who even knows when each leap year is? It used to align with he Olympics, but even that got confused in 2020.

The end of February has brought the south east of QLD a whole load of rain, we hope everyone is staying safe and the water hasn't caused many too much damage. Fingers crossed for some sunshine soon, just in time for Ski Day.



It seems our team continues to grow and develop across the years/months and we are so grateful for each new spark that comes with each Crew Member. This week we were treated to a belated Christmas gift in the form of team breakfast at Common Grounds in Burleigh, what a treat to start our Tuesday Morning!


So not much may have happened in Feb, but March is a whole other story!!

March 12th - Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation Gala Dinner @ The Star.

- Tickets remaining are limited so be sure to contact Genny if you are chasing any!

March 26th - Making Strides / NSW Disabled Ski Association Ski Day @ Chinderah

- Time is ticking, so please RSVP, fill out your waiver and pay your $10 ASAP. All Ski day details can be found here.


We are excited and proud to announce that the 16-week on-site (at Making Strides) component of the Intensive Rehabilitation Trial has been completed for the Griffith University Spinal Research Study. This is an exciting milestone in the study so far and we look forward to seeing the analysed data project forward into helping begin phase 2. To read more about the current SIP study click here. This portion of the study would not of been possible without the sponsorship from the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation. You too can help raise money by heading to their page and getting involved.


The Making Strides 10-week challenge keeps getting better and better, this time around Food Guru Fuzzy (aka Georgia) is joining the crew for some added nutrition lovin'. There will be 2 x weekly group sessions and use of the Maslow app as always. If you want to get involved and grab yourself a Making Strides Challenge T-shirt. Contact us ASAP to get your name down.

The challenge will be running from May 2nd - July 6th.


This month Fuzzy brings us "build your own pizza" a fresh healthy and YUMMY alternative to store bought pizza. The suggestions include lower calorie and carbohydrate options, high protein options and hints on lowering fat and sugar consumption.

If you like these recipes and food options keep your eyes peeled for a nutrition info evening coming in May!

Download your copy here:

Fuzzy's fast and feel good food ideas-3 copy
Download PDF • 1.98MB

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