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July is a bit of a "hump day" type of month... where you're just passed the half way point of the year, things feel a little slow and once it has passed by; the year continues to fly on by. This July 2021 was made to feel extra long with all the leg work required to keep up to date with the QLD / NSW / AUST / NZ coronavirus situation, but we have made it and the Gold Coast still seem to have managed the situation well. Thank you all for bearing with us through all the swaps and changes. We were lucky enough to have visits from a few members from afar before our borders were closed, enough time for some killer workouts and catch ups. We also got some new toys.. of the exercise kind!!



We got a shiny new treadmill, it is a Gait Keeper Treadmill with the added benefit of included Gait Sens technology. What do all these fancy sounding words mean you might ask? Basically this treadmill, as well as being a new and improved continuous walking track it also analyses where you body weight moves, the length of your step, step width and time spent in each phase of the gait cycle. We are still learning all its fancy features but we cannot wait to explore the options with you all!


If you have been lucky enough to play with the blaze pods already you will know what I am talking about. But the blaze pods add a whole new element of fun, distraction and play to balance, reaching and reaction-time tasks. These small but bright pods pack a punch and sometimes even bring out the competitive side of us trainers (..who would have thought).


Please mark your calendars for October 23rd, we are turning eight and want to celebrate with you all. We are throwing an Oktoberfest themed party at the Varsity Lakes Tavern, with a DJ, live music, photo booth and more so please get your dirndl's and lederhosen's ready for a night of celebrating with us! Please RSVP Via our Facebook event here.


We had the lovely Natalie from Paralympics Aust. give us a chat a few weeks ago, and together we found out the options are endless when it comes to adaptive sport. If you have any questions when it comes to getting involved, classified or finding equipment please contact Natalie via this form.


With a few new staff members, and the boys all rocking their normal facial hair levels we got some new head shots and a group photo. Are you surprised, out of 99 shots we got one semi decent one... I have saved that one for the website and here is a serious for you all to check out. On that note, please check our website to get to know Georgia C, Ebonie, Tim M and Renae a little better!


You may have seen on our socials, it was recently Ben's second year anniversary here with us and it was our Practice Manager turned Mumma Bear Jess' sixth year with us.

We can't thank them both enough for all they continue to do for us and those around them.



Although our team is always expanding, growing and evolving we are still at capacity on our training floor. We are doing our best to get through the waitlist and get those clients who are waiting to join our family in for their first Strides experience. If you or someone you know is currently on our waitlist, we thank you for your patience and please know we will get you in as soon as we can.

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